Charlie Sheen Calls Out Bill O’reilly!

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John Key Let’s 9/11 Truth Slip Out!

What Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key is saying here about Afghanistan and “explosive devices” is extremely and obviously contradictory. It appears that he knows that the buildings were blown up, and anyone can see that there’s no way that Bin Laden could have done that. It looks like the gentleman needs to rehearse his act a little bit better.

This is 9/11 Truth art by Roger Morris.

Minimalist by Roger Morris

Joe Biden Knows the Truth About 9/11!

My friends, the buildings were blown up. It’s obvious. Everyone like Biden knows that and has probably know it for a long time. That was a great effort by the gentleman doing questioning and his support team. Those people have a lot of guts and a lot of heart.

Paul Tassopulos: Electric Thermite Match by Roger Morris
Electric Thermite Match by Roger Morris