Rod Blagojevich, Bank of America, and the “Department of Justice”

This guy was set up. It’s obvious. He takes a stand against the Bank of  America on December 8th, 2008. He get’s indicted for corruption on December 9th, 2008. I mean, I come on. I don’t know this gentleman. He may very well be corrupt or not. I say, it has nothing to do with why he was arrested.


U.S. Combat Troops Deployed on Amercan Soil for First Time Since the 1800’s!

Amy Goodman is doing such great work here. To me, she’s one of the finest examples of  true American spirit, journalism, and citizenry. I mean, come on. How great is this woman? She was arrested at the RNC for no reason. She was only trying to cover the event and help an injured friend. She’s breaking one of the biggest stories of all time here regarding the U.S. troops on U.S. streets and Posse Comitatus. You might want to take a look. Thanks Ms. Goodman.

Under Protests and Threats of Martial Law “Bailout for the Rich” Passes!

Never forget that this is a con. This is the proof.
Eliot Spitzer – Predetory Lenders’ Partners in Crime

All these good people above and beneath are standing, fighting, and speaking the truth. There’s hope if you don’t give up. This is fascism. Fascism always blows itself up. It never works. Stay cool. Stand, fight, and speak the truth like Sherman, Kucinich, and all the rest. The people doing this are a small group of criminals. We know who they are, what they’re doing, and we have the ability to stop them. The monsters are betting that your going to roll over and quit. I’m betting that you won’t.

Paul Tassopulos – 9/11 Truther